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GIF animado 3D

An animated GIF file is constructed from a sequence of images that show then sequentially.

You can generate an animated GIF file that produces the sensation of depth, Podremos realize that without 3D glasses, by an optical effect or optical illusion, deceiving the senses; These files are constructed by superimposing two vertical bands on the sides of the image.

Perception and contours

Gestalt laws to identify numerous visual recognition processes are unsuccessful leading to optical illusions.

The most common are “Fund-Figure” in which the outline of objects defines what can be found in the first or last plane.

The “Familiarity of objects” also heavily involved in the recognition and constantly compared with the known elements looking for repeating patterns.

2 optical illusions minutes

optical illusions

A funny video where we can enjoy a set of very colorful optical illusions that fool our brains manage.

Static objects apparent movement endowed, straight lines appear broken, objects appear to be larger than they are, impassable objects … a nice, and a little crazy, paseo by algunos clásicos presentados fun way en only minutes of video.

Optical illusion based on comparison with the environment


Perceiving is the process we made when decode visual information we receive and understand.

Errors that occur in this process result in different types of optical illusions, that can be classified or grouped into types based on Gestalt process involving the analysis of stimuli.

Optical illusion from the perspective


The Gestalt laws of perceptual processes governing. Experience and comparison with the everyday is one of the mechanisms used in the process of interpreting what our senses perceive.

Optical illusions are simply a misunderstanding of mental reconstruction of the outside world caught on view.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (XI) : Space balls with tinsel [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


A new wallpaper for use as wallpaper in this Christmas. A background with spiral galaxy “Leo” on overlapping Christmas balls with different images embedded funds spatial.

A work of rendering and compositing with Blender node editor, that lets you see the possibilities of post-production of this free software tool.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (V..) : Geometric Christmas Tree: Cube helicoid[ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

geometrico tree helicoide cubes

A new wallpaper image synthesis realized with thanks to the modeling tool Blender 2.6.

In this case we have constructed a christmas tree through a geometric transformation, a helix.

Tie tinsel and balls with transparent background to decorate the banner of the blog


Christmas is coming, and some think of decorating with Christmas blog. On this page you can find different images of the same motif that differ in the color of the illumination, with Christmas tinsel loop and three colored balls that can be used to overlay the banner of the blog.

Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPod) [TED]


With three iPods as tools for performing magic, Marco Tempest shows us one clever meditation, surprisingly candid about truth and lies, art and emotion. Una unión interesante entre lo clásico y la innovación, de gran calidad como suelen ser las charlas de TED

Instructions Impossible

This mount meets three elements exist impossible to have been composed as an illustration of a technical manual. Perspective manipulation, Gestalt laws governing the perspective, the use of elements “real quasi”, allow deceive the senses as this interesting image. ¿Sacada de un manual de Ikea? Not, but… (leer más)

Double images: Group: Advertising Camel: Brick Wall

A new example in which the Laws of Gestalt perceptual give us the keys for decoding an image with double meanings.
The fight between the perception of “the everyday” like a house of an urban landscape and the process of “Equality or equivalence” that give rise to regular patterns grouping, as is the case with the exposed brick wall, make us jump between the two images, city ​​street or advertising Camel.