Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Double images: Group: Advertising Camel: Brick Wall

Another example in which Leyes de la Gestalt perceptual give us the keys for decoding an image with double meanings.
The fight between the perception of “the everyday” like a house of an urban landscape and the process of “Equality or equivalence” that give rise to regular patterns grouping, as is the case with the exposed brick wall, make us jump between the two images, city ​​street or advertising Camel.
The group is enhanced by the difference in color or intensity in the drawing, and the lines that outline the silhouette (simulated by shadows).

Effect “figure and ground” us to switch between the two images at random and unintentional, able to transmit the brand image of the product, masterfully.

A more current series CAMEL, surprises us with her creativity.
Too bad the product is one of the great poisons of society.