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Proyecto “Neurona”

This post aims to show publicly a development project I am carrying out the social network Twitter. Its purpose is to inform the community that I relate to an activity of scientific interest in which people are participating indirectly you share my space (TL).

About a year ago (I meet in September) I began by chance in the world of blogs, first blogger blogs and then gave the jump to Twitter and FaceBook (although less in this other network).

Learning by observation and participation has led me to develop ideas for the future are already specifying, each other freely and protected under a draft “Educational Innovation” I have attached at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), since I am Director (coordinator) of a consolidated group research in the area. This group, I have already presented on occasion is called “Visual Graphics Group” (VGG).

The first activity has been to know the model published in blogs, and interaction in social networks.

A first experiment has been developed over the course 2009-2010 with students of EUIT Aeronautics and I have documented on the blog with the title: “Blogs experimental: Starting an experience of educational use of blogs“, participated in this experiment two groups of students ( 120 personas) and measured the impact of the use of the platforms on their academic performance.

The experience has aroused a great interest in the educational community and has been granted the aforementioned research project, which is more in-depth previous study, and at the same time developing models and tools of guided learning, personalized and highly motivating.

The interaction on Twitter and its ability to segregate and search information has led to develop a first recognition software phrases through a structural analysis of short sentences that are used. The choice of Twitter is justified by the syntactic constraint that enforces the use of 140 characters, and the high concept of messages.

The result of this parsing has been visually, trying to find communication patterns relevant to our educational objectives. Many of the resulting images have been posted on my account Twitpic , each line of images represents a “tweet” obtained in the Time Line (TL)

This software is also enontrar initial relationship patterns among community members. These patterns can be used to analyze the “group dynamics” for cooperative learning is intended to address: Groups of students develop content on subjects of study.

The diagrams can be mixed with the phrases, obtaining complex information systems that can be analyzed visually. An example of a screen capture during a concert of the group “Metallica” we share several “twitter” serves to illustrate this idea

This technique has led to the development of new display models that are currently developing, but perhaps, from the educational point of view so now I want to present is the latest development stage embryo that I have in hand: “NEURON”.

The project NEURON

NEURONA're a bot programmed entirely JAVA who is living their first days of life right now (as I write this article). Part of the knowledge acquired through the parser and should incorporate a complex database of information for the formation of our students, and a motor capable of storing states, in order to be placed on the network as support teacher.

In order to experience a user has opened called @ Neurona62 which is controlled from my account @ Piziadas . The goal is to be autonomous but managed through own Twitter.

In the early stages of developing its operation will be very awkward, even to generate what some may consider “Spam”. Nothing is further from my intention, so I ask for some understanding and participation while.

NEURON should “learn” in a real medium, first introducing guided algorithms, and then automatically using the state and learning engine. This project should evolve from the experience you gain with your interaction, by it the intention to participate freely.

I do not provide much more information at the moment, Neuron should not be conditional by my way of understanding it, You must grow in a natural environment that forge the idea with the enrichment that is available in this medium so dynamic and participatory.

My goal is to inform you of the existence of the project to avoid inconvenience to the maximum by the use of the medium.

I hope your understanding if you wish, your invaluable participation trying to my “BOT” as anyone in the network, getting along with “the” to increase its complexity and functionality.

Like the idea you? You can follow her at Twitter users cited above.