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Europe 24 : Viewing 24 European air traffic hours

You know how many aircraft ply European airspace on any given day of summer?
What are the main points of departure and arrival of these 30.000 aircraft?
The importance of communication and trade between countries can be glimpsed in this fascinating simulation created from actual radar data, in which the movements of the aircraft are displayed accelerated 1440 times.

SmartBird : A robot that flies like a bird [ TED ]

SmartBird is an ultralight flight model inspired by the herring gull with excellent aerodynamic qualities and extreme agility.
The project SmartBird, Festo has been implemented in a mechanical the flight of birds. This bionic technology-bearer can take flight, freely fly and land autonomously – without an additional drive mechanism.

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters [TED]

Raffaello D'Andrea us in this interesting video “TED” (in English) a spectacular demo on their quadcopters behave like true athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that allow them to learn.
Nine demos in which D'Andrea shows us how his drones are able to make decisions or solve individually coordinated complex balancing tests.
A video that gives a quick overview of the state of art in the development of this technology.

NASA Initiative to recover asteroids

The future plans of NASA we show possible advances in aerospace technology hardly imaginable today.

The Multimedia Gallery NASA can see ideas of what might be future developments of this agency.
An interesting initiative seeks to develop a spacecraft capable of recovering asteroids and lunar orbits take them to where it is possible to study the effect displaced astronauts.

Quadrotor and tesla coils

A “Faraday cage” serves as protection for a quadrotor that Vuela between the tesla coils, siendo visually stunning them electric shocks occurring.
El Ingenio flying, junto protection to su, resist them seamless downloads, the discharge can be observed as it receives the cage moves down.
A video that reveals striking aspects of science very striking.

Iberia fracture [ Wallpaper ]

The company Iberia (IB) is one of the oldest in the world. Currently in the news for their strikes as a result of technical and economic difficulties suffered, that have led to various workforce adjustments, fleet and service lines.

One company that we have known all life and the logo shown in the national colors of a country, fractures and struggle to survive in an ever expanding market, globalized and competitive environment in which low cost companies impose their business models.

Further Up Yonder - a message from ISS to all Humankind [ Timelapse ]


A beautiful timelapse with images from NASA that reminds us that we have begun to live off planet Earth, in the ISS.

It is the beginning of a long process of expansion in the universe. A first step in the conquest of new spaces in which to live in peace and harmony, between men and nature.

One giant leap for mankind.

Helo TC , Indoor helicopter

Mini remote control helicopter controlled from the mobile. An educational toy for aeronautical engineers.
Landed in my hands this curious “toy” you can govern from a device “Android”. Prove their performances and discuss later, although the first impression is that it can be a great training tool.

Night Flight [ Timelapse ]

Visualization techniques known as accelerated image “Timelapse” give us a different view of natural phenomena, well as those that are analyzed over a period.

The behavior of an airport, illuminated at night, is a show if you look this particular prism.

The cadence of landing and takeoff of aircraft is enhanced imaging techniques that make this video a masterpiece of the genre, especially for aviation enthusiasts.