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Night Flight [ Timelapse ]

Visualization techniques known as accelerated image “Timelapse” give us a different view of natural phenomena, well as those that are analyzed over a period.

The behavior of an airport, illuminated at night, es un espectáculo si se observa con este prisma tan particular.

The cadence of landing and takeoff of aircraft is enhanced imaging techniques that make this video a masterpiece of the genre, especially for aviation enthusiasts.

Un time lapse es una técnica fotográfica que consiste en la captación de imágenes fijas que después son reproducidas a una velocidad mayor a la que fueron tomadas. Esta técnica crea entonces una ilusión de imágenes aceleradas.(W)

Night Flight BY BERND MELLMANN from Flight Experience Film Festival on Vimeo.

Night Flight en Vimeo

This video is the latest result of a longstanding interest – photographing aircraft, especially at night when the landing lights paint abstract works of art into the sky. This pastime was rekindled by some scenes in time-lapse videos by Andrew Walker and others, and DSLRs and software make it relatively easy now to put motion into otherwise static images.
The footage was shot on and off over several months around Duesseldorf International Airport (DUS). Although a few alternative titles for this clip spring to mind, I stuck to „Night Flight“ to keep things safe & clean. Moreover, Night Flight was the title of a legendary music programme with a telltale intro track on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) in the 70ies and 80ies, presented by Alan Bangs.
Notice the ground fog from 2:58 onwards, stirred up by the jets’ engines and wind. Eventually the lens was completely fogged up bringing the session to a premature end.
Music is „Time“ by Hans Zimmer.
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