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Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorder. Although insomnia is often only seen as difficulty initiating sleep, the fact is that the inability to sleep can take several forms: difficulty falling asleep at bedtime (initial insomnia, the most common of the three) despertares frecuentes durante la… (leer más)

PIZ's popularity soars

PIZ, This likeable character that has given name to this blog, has become overnight the morning someone indispensable in the life of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Han empezado a aparecer manifestaciones de esta realidad paralela en diferentes medios audiovisuales de especial relevancia, como podemos ver en las imágenes que… (leer más) my new home

My new home: I've finally finished the migration long wanted. This is like moving, boxes are placed, There unassembled bookcases, missing lamps… but the bulk of the matter is settled. Cuando voy a cumplir mi primer año en el mundo de los blogs (quedan 20 days) por fin tengo un espacio… (leer más)

Kalimba de Mr. Scruff [Blender]

A first assembly with a song in which the first rendered images of a new character that we will be presenting the possibilities of animation software are presented “Blender“. La secuencia editada ha sido especialmente trabajada los dos primeros minutos que más adelante serán reeditados para insertar las escenas que en este momento… (leer más)

PIZiadas in oil: Jardin del Eden Guin

A tetraíptico consisting of four canvases 30×120 they can exchange their position forming different compositions. Forth in one of the “garitos” Plaza Mayor of Madrid four years ago along with other compositions (diptychs and triptychs) similar conception. A memory of a friend and colleague died, Victorino García González, whose face stands… (leer más)

PIZiadas in Oils: Spring Garden

Plants, flowers and in general the nature lends itself to the “Portrait” When it manifests in our senses. The frozen image of a spring garden allows to provide primary colors without fear to stridency, pincelados in its purest state and among the side that bathe the canvas. Oil on canvas

PIZiadas in Oils: Jesus [Series “letters”]

Tengo una série de cuadros en los que se representan amigos y personas que me rodean.
“Jesus” tiene dos caras:
La amable como la de un pichón y la dura que le acerca al Águila. Ambos vuelan sobre los campos españoles que recorre incansablemente.

Your name, and their faces are reflected in this picture.
Do you see them?

Goodbye ! It was a pleasure.

With this post I bid you all. They have been 6 intense months in which I learned a lot, I have met in this highly dynamic and attractive. My avatar has been one of my most beloved paintings: Homer, my neighbor's dog that I have a special affection. Un avatar que… (leer más)

Cartagena365, Careta de entrada

There are initiatives that add richness to the network and allow their expansion more universal if possible. They may be funded or performed by large economic groups individually; in the latter case they deserve our special appreciation. From the first day of January, and uninterruptedly, We have enjoyed a new window… (leer más)