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Christmas Neuron

We all have a dressed Christmas neuron, we took a walk at this time. A neuron that empathizes with the weakest, disadvantaged, needs sufferers.

Today my Christmas sack to walk neuron as every year. We will put colored lights and tinsel in corners. Dandy up tables and will congratulate friends and strangers. Today it be nice to everyone, live harmoniously in these moments of love and happiness.

New Year, new banner

We started the year full of hope, with new purposes, loaded with ideas that have not yet seen the light. The new year is full of opportunities to launch new projects, to take all that we have in the bedroom waiting for a good time to put it on the table or on the blog
New Year, new banner.

Welcome 1000 Tickets

Post 1000

A little over three years ago I started my first blog.

Welcomed me into laquellos Bitá first steps, me into this world of “blogs” in which, as I wrote in the first entry, “The beginnings are never easy”.

Impostor in first post, of a Sunday, 27 September 2009, hardly knew what was published in this medium. What I cared about was getting a few lines, without image support, could enter and reach that page to see the light.

Blog Header

The blog header is a visual element that should reflect much of his personality. Integrates with colors defined for the topic set, harmoniously, conjoined. En general todos los temas que podemos usar en un blog tienen la posibilidad de personalizar la cabecera que viene por defecto en el… (leer más)

Widget regional elections 2012. Galicia and the Basque Country


The newspaper El Pais offers a Widget regional elections to follow our blog.

The widget is inserted by a script with HTML code and lets you interact on a graph to display the results in real time, contrasting with previous elections.

This widget has been installed on this page from which you can follow so the scrutiny.

The glass sculptures by Pedro Garcia (Peter Glass)


Pedro Garcia (Peter Glass) is a sculptor who uses glass as a basis for their work, playing with light and color of this delicate and fragile materials.

His sculptures reveal its essence from a unique artistic conception of the universe that surrounds. Your sensitivity to the ways lets boundless ideation that is reflected in its extensive work.

Revolver Maps : estadísticas de visitas en blogs de forma visual

Revolver Maps

De forma similar a Pulsemap, Revolver Maps es una herramienta visual que nos da información en tiempo real del número y procedencia de las visitas al blog.

Se instala facilmente a partir de las páginas oficiales de Revolver Maps.

Las visitas que se encuentran activas (conectadas con el blog) son visualmente identificadas con un destello sobre el mapa, creando una curiosa sensación de dinamismo.

Short animation


In my regular classes I use resources available in the network. At the Polytechnic University of Madrid computing platform is home to Moodle courses. This platform has the disadvantage of being closed for people who are not registered in the courses, as it is for internal use.

The universalization of knowledge is to allow free access to content and the blog can be used as a showcase for this purpose, either as a means of publishing content themselves or simply as a tool to link multiple thematic content of interest every day browsing with search engines meeting.

25S Paint and color

Scrambled Days, protest, defense of fundamental rights, reasonable claims, of collective suffering.

Days on which society is estranged from their representatives, where we do not feel represented by those who should defend these rights.

Red Rover Studios : 3D Animation


Red Rover is an animation production studio performing different jobs with modern imaging techniques of synthesis, from special effects (FX) until rendered on graphics cards with shaders own generation (CG).

El plugin “ Popular Posts” ahora con “Thumbnails”


Entre los widgets que pueden completar nuestro blog se encuentra “ Popular Posts”, con el que podemos mostrar aquellas entradas que tienen más tráfico.
Since version 2.6.0 supports incorporate an image “Thumbnail” associated with each of the entries shows popular. We can also accompany a brief summary of the input and the number of visits.