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Graphic PIZiadas

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Among the items that have posted my students are some who, if not represent exactly the model we have studied geometry, develop the intellect, curiosity and desire to learn.

No less interesting his playful orientation as a means of approach to knowledge, and above all makes us think about other ways to approach them exploiting its foci of interest.

Tie tinsel and balls with transparent background to decorate the banner of the blog


Christmas is coming, and some think of decorating with Christmas blog. On this page you can find different images of the same motif that differ in the color of the illumination, with Christmas tinsel loop and three colored balls that can be used to overlay the banner of the blog.

EVEN [Imagen]

Always struck me this neologism: “Breast”.

In the world of blogs has been used to chain links between pages of different authors, as a chain in many cases, breaking its true sense of distributed conversation.

Fe 8 October


A new call in the network so that all who wish to contribute a post, an image, Comment…. on a common theme.

As always, The initiative seeks to unite, with the same goal, different people that share the same medium.

In this edition the word chosen was “Faith”

Pulsemap: Plugin visitor statistics in WordPress blogs and websites

pulsemap thumb

Pulsemap is a visual plugin for WordPress that gives us real-time information on the number and origin of visitors to the blog. Pulsemap versions available to install on any web page. En WordPress añade se como en los Widget Menus laterales o del pie del blog. The plugin can be configured with different… (leer más)

Technical Drawing with QR codes for the project INNOVABLOG

Social networks with content repositories can be conjugated establishing production and communication environments adaptable to new educational paradigms, wherein the asynchronous access time provide a better utilization of the resources.

What is a “Website HeatMap” ?

A “Heat map” a web page is a graphic representation of information relating to the user interaction made with the same. The map can provide information on different aspects, as mouse movements on the page, the time it is pressed in certain areas, o simplemente el seguimiento que la vista… (leer más)

WPTouch: Plugin for mobile versions of WordPress blogs


When designing our blog we should be aware that our visitors can use mobile devices with limited experience on desktops. El ancho de banda necesario para las imágenes puede suponer un obstáculo a la hora de navegar fluidamente desde estos dispositivos cada vez mas usados. Las aplicaciones educativas… (leer más)

What looks like a fern, the coast and a snowflake?

The work done by my students in educatica innovation projects to improve teaching by incorporating new technologies, I want to highlight one that includes a very topical issue, and transcribe literally. Fue publicado originalmente en sus blogs durante el curso 2009-2010. Fractales por Catetos de la Geometría… (leer más)

San Auto Thumbs : Visual Plugin for WordPress

I always like to include a first image entries that describe the content of the same, also define as “Featured image” in editing the post with WordPress. Esters of I facility Imagen de forma en el Lado preferente izqierdo, en the Primera Linea de texto, I rve y para of al introducción post. La plantilla (tema)… (leer más)

Blogs experimental: Starting an experience of educational use of blogs

The pedagogical debate on the educational use of blogs, formative perspective, has led to the development of many innovative educational experiences. In the EUITA of the UPM , during this course, se añade una más en la que se usa el blog como cuaderno de equipo, en una aproximación digital de las… (leer más)