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Graphic PIZiadas

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Blogs experimental: Starting an experience of educational use of blogs

The pedagogical debate on the educational use of blogs, formative perspective, has led to the development of multiple innovative educational experiences. On EUITA the UPM , during this course, is added over that used in the blog as notebook computer, a digital approximation techniques cooperative learning.

This experience takes place in a subject: “Graphic Expression in Engineering” (on a regulated course of Aeronautical Engineering), in the second half and first-year groups.

This page, besides presenting the experience, provides information and links to resources of interest related to the same. It will be updated to incorporate other deemed necessary and all that is demanded as the process unfolds, forming a reference for new experiences.

Parallel, using the page creation functionality offered by the platform, labeled a specific page is assigned “Educational Blogs” ( Available on the side menu ) resource and organizational participants. On this page are links to various blogs incorporate. In each involved four to five students, that have formed working groups freely.

The first activities should be aimed at establishing links between participants, facilitating the allocation of roles and group performance. In subsequent entries the same detailing.

Periodically those blogs that provide noteworthy aspects of interest did advertise, using the tag [Blogs experimental] for identification. The content will be free or directed, but should always be framed in the corresponding subject, contents, methodologies or applications.

Creativity, quality and care of the presentation should guide the evaluation of the work from the educational point of view, the particular interest of the participants can bring new ideas and enrich future experiences.

I invite you to continue this experience in open in which, as a starting point for discussion, a reading of ideas and recommendations for the proposed educational blogs. The interaction with external agents to college, participating through comments added new variables high educational interest.

A question leading experience, Can you improve active dynamic?
And if it does, In what ways?

¿The Paper blog? The students' work
Educational use of blogs
Blogs and Education

This experience takes place within the research activity in teaching methodologies, educational innovation group VGG Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

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