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Slow Motion con Iphone

La visión del mundo a diferentes velocidades nos puede hacer entender muchas cosas, aportando una increíble belleza a escenas cotidianas en las que apenas reparamos.

La técnica que nos permite frenar el tiempo y apreciar con detalle cada movimiento se denomina “Slow Motion”, mientras que la que nos permite acelerar el tiempo es la conocida como “Time Lapse”.En ambos caso lo que hacemos es jugar con el número de fotogramas capturado y presentado por segundo.

Glen Keane – The Duet [ Animation ]

Glen Keane es un conocido animador cuyos trabajos han destacado en los “Walt Disney Animation Studios”
“Duet” es la versión cinematográfica de un proyecto en el que se están desarrollando herramientas para la interacción con los dibujos animados en dispositivos móviles.
Un interesante proyecto que une el arte y la técnica.

Comparación de los gráficos de las consolas PlayStation PS1 a PS4


La industria de los videojuegos nos ofrece periódicamente un salto cualitativo en la potencia gráfica de sus productos. La guerra comercial entre las tres principales consolas desarrolladas por Nintendo, Microsoft y Sony nos beneficia a los usuarios que contemplamos, casi de forma rutinaria ya, los lanzamientos de sus productos estrella cada pocos años.

La calidad gráfica de estos dispositivos se ve reforzada por el desarrollo del correspondiente software que explota sus capacidades técnicas hasta conseguir productos que, increasingly, nos sumergen en mundos de fantasía que cubren los diferentes géneros establecidos.

Printers 4D

As the proteins change shape, we can design objects that vary their shape throughout its life. We can even get items that are assembled automatically.

The following TED talk illustrates this interesting concept.

Tango Project: Recovery of three-dimensional environment with a mobile

Many of the things we can see in a science fiction movie actually end up with the passage of time. One of the most interesting ideas that I could see in the movie “Prometheus” was the use of a small “drones” sphere-shaped allowing exploration, automatically, del entorno en… (leer más)

inFORM physically interacting in a virtual world

An interesting development in a total communication pasohacia through networks are the projects that are being developed at the MIT Media Lab to interact between the physical and the logical or virtual world. Bits sharing the same physical space with atoms.

In particular I was struck by the presentation of a surface in three-dimensional display form of variable that allows remote physically interact.

SmartBird : A robot that flies like a bird [ TED ]

SmartBird is an ultralight flight model inspired by the herring gull with excellent aerodynamic qualities and extreme agility.
The project SmartBird, Festo has been implemented in a mechanical the flight of birds. This bionic technology-bearer can take flight, freely fly and land autonomously – without an additional drive mechanism.

Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters [TED]

Raffaello D'Andrea us in this interesting video “TED” (in English) a spectacular demo on their quadcopters behave like true athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that allow them to learn.
Nine demos in which D'Andrea shows us how his drones are able to make decisions or solve individually coordinated complex balancing tests.
A video that gives a quick overview of the state of art in the development of this technology.

Drawing formats standardized

The paper supports used for the representation of engineering objects have dimensions that are accepted internationally widespread, or what is the same, found “standardized”. ISO 5457 specifies the characteristics of the formats. This standard adopts one or several different designations (can be divided into… (leer más)

NASA Initiative to recover asteroids

The future plans of NASA we show possible advances in aerospace technology hardly imaginable today.

The Multimedia Gallery NASA can see ideas of what might be future developments of this agency.
An interesting initiative seeks to develop a spacecraft capable of recovering asteroids and lunar orbits take them to where it is possible to study the effect displaced astronauts.

Pieces of Drafting [3] (Solución) [Normalization] [Education]

Solution to the third piece of technical drawing.

They have represented the two main views (elevation and profile) leaving the student carrying a plant that completes the third projection (not necessary for the representation of the object).