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Graphic PIZiadas

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Behind The Lapse: Part 1 [ Timelapse ]

“Behind The Lapse” is a series of shorts in which the author, el fotógrafo Michael Shainblum, reveals part of the technique necessary for the realization of these spectacular shows in which the dimension “time” allowing accelerates or decelerates “see” new dimensions of the everyday.
Behind of Lapse is a timelapse within another timelapse. A successful outreach exercise makes us love, all the more, this wonderful art.

Feel the pulse of traffic, look at the sea of ​​clouds and the waves of steam, includes the motion of the sky …. vive el timelapse!

Pieces of Drafting [2] (Solución) [Normalization] [Education]

Solution to the second piece of technical drawing.

They have represented the two main views (elevation and plan) leaving the student performing a profile that finished defining one of the inclined planes.

Between the two possible profiles, we use one hidden lines of least.

Quadrotor and tesla coils

A “Faraday cage” serves as protection for a quadrotor that Vuela between the tesla coils, siendo visually stunning them electric shocks occurring.
El Ingenio flying, junto protection to su, resist them seamless downloads, the discharge can be observed as it receives the cage moves down.
A video that reveals striking aspects of science very striking.

Further Up Yonder - a message from ISS to all Humankind [ Timelapse ]


A beautiful timelapse with images from NASA that reminds us that we have begun to live off planet Earth, in the ISS.

It is the beginning of a long process of expansion in the universe. A first step in the conquest of new spaces in which to live in peace and harmony, between men and nature.

One giant leap for mankind.

Helo TC , Indoor helicopter

Mini remote control helicopter controlled from the mobile. An educational toy for aeronautical engineers.
Landed in my hands this curious “toy” you can govern from a device “Android”. Prove their performances and discuss later, although the first impression is that it can be a great training tool.

Zaha Hadid y el deconstructivism


Zaha Hadid is an architect, contemporary designer and developer who designs innovative shapes evoking fantasy worlds brimming future.

In the website of Zaha Hadid can see an impressive display of his ideation, that moves at the limits of deconstruction. Sinuous curves that convey a different organic feeling in these disciplines.

Iphone 5 [ Mosaic 2400 x 1200 ]


Another anticipated release with Apple's apple. El Iphone 5 has been revealing in different angles to create an expectation in the innovation-hungry technocrats.

The last few days have appeared or stolen images, at least, of doubtful origin, until the official presentation of the product.

A mosaic (almost a rosary) confuses our minds, like the image below commemorative event, comparing the old and new model, and you can view high resolution (iphone 4 Vs iphone 5 in 2400 x 1200) selecting it with the mouse.

ESA astronaut André Kuipers’ tour of the International Space Station


Other Kuipers (@ Astro_andre) invites us to walk through the space station on a trip commented, in which we discover this fantastic corner of spatial structure. A more detailed explanations about objects, cabinets and everyday items that are part of everyday life of astronauts. A Ride 55 minutos con… (leer más)

Indoor Flying Robots [ MIT ]


A crash course in it that muestran basics of the physical Gobierno he Movimiento de los Quadrotors. A training video for them enamorados of the aeronautical, it original MIT, in which the basic cycle of operation is enhanced for human or automatic control of these novel flying machines: Note, Control,… (leer más)

SmartInversion : Kaleidocycle flying robot


SmartInversion es un ingenio, Festo company, able to pull in the air due to a movement called inversion in which a band formed by articulated light polyhedra, helium-filled, rotate about themselves. This constant movement, rhythmical button, is the one that gives the drive in the middle.

Educate playing with impossible figures


Impossible figures can be real simple objects that produce optical illusions obtained by proper perspective.

Use from the educational point of view can be justified in requiring a detailed analysis for understanding.

They can also be approached as a challenge for the student who can compete with others in an educational game object identification. Do not forget that play activities encourage interest in the learning process, entertain and arouse curiosity for the study of new cases: Learning enjoying.