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Learn to draw with Andrew Loomis

There are many manuals drawing with different methods to initiate us refine our technique and representation. One of the first thing I remember are the booklets drawing painter Joan Miró Ferrer.

William Andrew Loomis was an illustrator of the first half of the twentieth century, in addition to his graphic work, He left a series of books to learn to draw. The practical approach of these manuals along with the gradual difficulty of the exercises are two characteristics that make them especially useful for beginners in the drawing with pencil.

Diédrico System: Projection of points in the plane

Can you get from a projection of a belonging to a flat point another projection on the plane dihedral to the full? For example, If give us the horizontal projection and vertical of a plane and a point in the latter as determinaríamos the projection on the horizontal plane?

La Bruxa [Animation][Video]

“The Fiesta PC” It is a film production animation, in its short existence, has garnered a number of awards and successes of hearing.
The second Goya in three years, given in the notice of 2014, by its short “Strings”, supports the excellent work they are doing.
Although his most charismatic work to date, from my point of view, is a parody of the adventures of Indiana Jones called “Tadeo Jones”, other jobs print an equally jovial character, funny and sensitive.

Simple Clouds [ Blender ]

Today we reviewed an interesting work of one of my students publish later: launching a rocket to the launching of a satellite.

One of the aspects that most caught my attention was the effect of clouds that has incorporated; always learn solutions that bring their projects to generate. In this tutorial we will see a simple technique to represent clouds.

Fire and smoke simulation in Blender

Blender simulation in the combustion of an object, with fire and smoke production is obtained indicating, within a volume control, the object to produce.

The volume control, As in the simulation of fluids, determine the region of space in which is confined mathematical process simulation.

Behind The Lapse: Part 1 [ Timelapse ]

“Behind The Lapse” is a series of shorts in which the author, el fotógrafo Michael Shainblum, reveals part of the technique necessary for the realization of these spectacular shows in which the dimension “time” allowing accelerates or decelerates “see” new dimensions of the everyday.
Behind of Lapse is a timelapse within another timelapse. A successful outreach exercise makes us love, all the more, this wonderful art.

Feel the pulse of traffic, look at the sea of ​​clouds and the waves of steam, includes the motion of the sky …. vive el timelapse!

Physics : Dynamic paint : Introduction [ Blender ]

dynamic paint

“Dynamic paint” is a feature introduced in Blender since version 2.61. Lets use an object as canvas (“Canvas”) and another as brush (“Brush”) and dynamically, through contact with the painting brush, “paint” textures that can be used as weight maps for different purposes.

These maps can be used to simulate dusty areas we can clean, grass fields we can cut (by the). condensation on windows in which to fingerpaint etc..

3D Animation, Parámetros de la Cámara : Lens [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


When we generate an image of a scene in Blender we do using a “camera” located at our virtual space.

The parameters that can be adjusted with this virtual camera to modify its position, orientation and optical characteristics of a conventional camera classic, as the depth of field, associated optics, etc..

Android girl [ School ][ Blender ]


A new version of the pair of Andy, in this case the feminine version that refers Rubén García Jail.

Draws particular attention to the evolution of the Android Robot antennas, in this case become female hair.

To complete the transformation, from the viewpoint expressive, adds prominent lips and cheeks with rouge.

The body also has formed at the bottom, el acampanando the extreme mode falda.