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Fire and smoke simulation in Blender

fuegoBlender simulation in the combustion of an object, with fire and smoke production is obtained indicating, within a volume control, the object to produce.

The volume control, As in the simulation of fluids, determine the region of space in which is confined mathematical process simulation.

Control both the volume and the object may have any geometry combusts, although it is recommended that the control volume in the shape of cuboid (shoebox) to limit the space regularly.

volumen de control Inside this volume can observe the animation process simulación de humo Rendering result may vary render de simulacion

How do we define these elements in Blender?

We can define the Smoke step by step or using an abbreviated process that creates ell environment and the parameters required for a simulation elemental.

The manual process is performed from the menu “Physics”, first selecting the object that will control volume, and after the smoke generated by the, and selecting “Smoke” to enable physical simulation for these items.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 to(s) 19.15.01

The volume control should be defined as “Domain” and the object sender and “Flow”. Elements may be added in the simulation that collisions, to which are assigned the type “Collision”.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 to(s) 19.18.59

Before rendering the smoke we create the “material” which defines. In this case we will have a rendering “volumetric” as discussed in another article, The need for a material that depends on the “density” Smoke.

The abbreviated process also automatically generates the necessary materials and textures to represent the smoke and fire, providing the maximum definition of all parameters needed to complete elementary representation. From it we can “play” varying the different values ​​of the variables involved, getting adapt the result that we want in our animation.

To generate the simulation system only need the object to emit smoke or fire (the two phenomena). Pressing the space bar on the keyboard will open a window with all the features of Blender.


To access the function we seek, “Quick Smoke“, can enter part of the name in the search bar menu, or navigate with the arrow on the bottom to locate. Suffice write a “Q” to display the function.

quick smoke

Once generated simulation environment, can select the desired type in the window “Type”

Screenshot 2013-11-18 to(s) 20.14.10

We just want to indicate whether the smoke or fire, or, instead, we simulate both effects simultaneously,

Screenshot 2013-11-18 to(s) 20.14.20

The overall process is very simple we see that although getting fit our desires simulation will take extra effort, as we shall see more finely adjust the variables in a new article.

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