Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Synthetic image categories

Channels of an image synthesis


We have often spoken of “Transparency channel” de una imagen, which describes the points or “pixels” of said image which do not have an associated color and thus are “transparent”.

A Blender, transparency canal, can get other channels, appropriately combined, defining the final image.

3D Animation, Examples: Árbol de navidad [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

Christmas Tree

Let's see how to model with Blender is a small tree which has served to make the Christmas card presented in the first image.

We use a model similar to that used to create the Christmas tinsel, based on the concept of incorporating Blender hair.

Reflections of two cubes [ Wallpaper ]

Mirrored cube

Two concentric cubes with high reflectivity can form an image of great interest.
The scene was rendered with editing software, Blender modeling and animation 2.5 reflection indices value 20 for each cube and four point lighting, a white light, and one for each of the basic components of the RGB format.

What is the effect on an image Warp?

There are many effects that can be applied to images using techniques that distort more or less controlled. One of the most used is called “Warp effect” allowing, manteniendo la información de iluminación y color, generar animaciones de un fotograma fijo. Veamos de forma práctica este efecto. Para introducir este… (leer más)

Ojito con @ nkkita [Animated GIF]

A simple exercise that illustrates a mounting possibilities processed images by morphing, pixelated mosaic and transition type (Indeed cast “Dissolve“). La suma de las diferentes técnicas permite jugar con las imágenes para pasar de una a otra en un rebote infinito, construido como un fichero GIF animado. Un ejemplo de tratamiento digital… (leer más)

The flag of Japan is radioactive [Animated GIF]

After the tsunami, Japan faces serious logistical problems to repair their infrastructure and ensure supply to the population. These logical challenges in a natural disaster is also the risk of radioactive contamination, as a result of accidents suffered by their nuclear reactors. I leave a picture, Animated GIF,… (leer más)

Final Battle [Students work][Blender]

A new job computer graphics students, made with Blender animation software and edited with MovieMaker. Miguel Ramos Garcia presents us with strong drama a crisis scenario in the form of trailer space. I feel like I have its premiere, míra el vídeo y ya me dirás si no te apetece… (leer más)

Space Images [Students work]

Here are some images that pupils have generated animation software Blender. Initially they were posted on the blog that has been open for educational innovation project “innovablog” entitled Dibublog. This publication serves to increase the visibility of their work, at the same time constitute a permanent backup. Almost… (leer más)