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Graphic PIZiadas

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Node editor: Efectos: Blur [Blender]

efecto_BlurBlur effect can be used to simulate depth of field in a picture post-processing stage. This effect is also known as “motion Blur” or “motion blur“.

The generated visual effect is similar to a blurring of the image, but in this case each pixel can be controlled to the degree of filter action.

Motion blur and motion blur is blurring or smearing that occurs in the image by the high speed movement of the objects. This occurs in the limit of the camera focus in both the photographic image as on videos or animations.(W)

We can start from any image to see the effect in action, we build with editor nodes Blender

The blur effect may be applied equally across the object. In this case it will produce a sense of blurring the picture “move” with the double exposure. Blur is an effect associated with the movement, a translation of the image.

We can control it at every pixel effect. We will use an image control that will serve to indicate which points more strongly acts blur effect filtro.La generating the image is actually a “mask” we can generate from depth information or colored, intensity etc..

Applying the mask as we blur depth factor eg flower petals and the background of the image, keeping the center with the same approach.


Filtro Blur one Blender

The set of nodes used to generate these images is very simple. Applying a first filtro HSL (as we saw) that is capable of removing color components, brightness and color saturation.

The HSL model (Hue English, Saturation, Lightness – Matiz, Saturation, Luminosity), which is similar to HSV or HSI (Hue English, Saturation, Intensity – Matiz, Saturation, Intensity), defining a color model in terms of its constituent components.(W)

The resulting image is used as the controlling factor in the Blur filter using the original image as the main entrance.

More simplified summarized in the following scheme, in which the connection points serve to channel yellow image, and gray control transformations.

Feel like blur only the central?


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