Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Innovación Educativa

  • Proyecto “Experimental Blogs”

An educational blog experience, open in which you use the blog as a notebook computer, a digital approximation of cooperative learning techniques.

Presentation of the experience
Blogs participants
Pages made:
Metric geometry
Geometría proyectiva


Puente con palillos

Bridge with chopsticks

  • Proyecto “Bridges Sticks”

A sympathetic practice that encourages learning of geometry of polyhedra, linking other subjects such as structural design: Building a toothpick bridge to verify its breaking load.

Aprendizaje Activo: Puentes con palillos
Methodologies active as spatial vision improvement


  • Proyecto “Content Repository Graphic Expression OCW-UPM”

The UPM OpenCourseWare Consortium is a member of OCWC and has committed to "sharing knowledge" promoting teachers who wish to "make visible" the teaching materials used to teach their subjects, thus offered to other teachers, students or professionals from anywhere in the world a free and open access to knowledge.

Courses developed:
Graphic Expression
Engineering Graphics: Design Methodologies for Project


  • Proyecto “NEURON”
Social networks and blogs are a fabric of knowledge applies to new educational models. A support system as autonomous bot immersed in Twitter provides the basis for the exploration of new applications that support learning.