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Tetrahedrons in Blender

The solid modeling programs have basic objects called “primitive” from which can be generated by objects more complex geometric transformations, Boolean operations and editing vertices.
Knowledge of the properties of geometric figures allow us to generate other basic bodies that do not have the application, from the elements described above.

Sketchfab : ideal for 3D files

Do you want to add a 3D object can be manipulated in your blog? Would you like to share your models with the community? Youtube-as it allows us to watch videos and incorporate them into our spaces of communication, There are tools to share 3D content.
We have seen some repository of 3D models dedicated to the world of space exploration as the “Celestia Motherlode” NASA, You can download these models in some relevant formats.
Sketchfab is a platform to host and share our 3D models, which allows to visualize them embedded in our blog.

Calabaza de Halloween 2014 : Wallpaper

Cada vez que se acercan las fechas señaladas repetimos los mismos patrones de comportamiento. En Halloween no hay excepción tampoco y nos rodeamos de imágenes fantasmagóricas que nos recuerdan que es la noche de los difuntos.

Las calabazas vaciadas e iluminadas con velas son uno de los elementos decorativos más representativos de estas fechas en determinados países.

Modifiers in Blender : Ejemplo Skin : Character

Vamos a ver cómo podemos construir una superficie de cierta complejidad a partir del uso de diferentes modificadores en Blender. El objetivo no es obtener un modelo final, simplemente abordaremos un sencillo ejemplo de caracter didáctico que servirá de idea básica para elementos más elaborados.

Modifiers : Subdivision Surface [ Blender ]

We have seen how, generally, los modificadores en Blender cambian la representación de un objeto sin alterar su geometría.

Uno de los modificadores más utilizados es el denominado “Subdivision Surface”, que utiliza los modelos conocidos como “Catmull Clark” para suavizar superficies poliédricas con una técnica recursiva muy sencilla.

Producción de un muñeco de vinilo (Process of making vinyl toys) [ Timelapse ]

El proceso de diseño y fabricación de un muñeco implica a artistas diseñadores y técnicos de producción. Es un trabajo con etapas muy definidas en las que pasamos de la mente del creativo a las manos del niño.

En el siguiente video acelerado, lo que conocemos como “Timelapse”, podemos ver estas etapas en apenas 2 minutes. Una secuencia que describe visualmente las diferentes fases, permitiendo entender su complejidad:

Topología dinámica en modo Sculpt [ Blender ]

Una de las funciones que tiene Blender para modelar geometría es el modo “Sculpt” en el que trabajamos la superficie a editar como si fuéramos escultores.

Este modo tiene una función que permite, de forma dinámica, modificar el grado de refinamiento de una superficie en el instante que se modela o edita.

Modifiers in Blender

The primitives are the basis of the modeling is done by manually editing vertices, edges and facets, or by applying modifiers that apply more or less complex transformations on a set of these elements.

Modifiers are operators that transform an object fit and, or, Topology, nondestructively, namely, retaining its previously defined in the application of modifier. In general what is allowed to operate on the object, preserving original state su, automatically replaces what would have to do a tedious and repetitive form.

3, 2, 1 … [ Blender ] [ School ]

After the introductory course to Blender animation synthesis we have done in the first quarter, of a 25 hours, my students begin to finish their coursework.
Some of these works, addition to the technical quality of their models and animations, have an issue that we were pleasantly surprised by its plasticity and good work.
Alberto García Alcázar has made this video entirely with Blender, editing it with sound effects that help to strengthen each of the scenes.

Animating clouds [ Blender ]

We have seen how we can create simple clouds. Can we use this technique to our animations? What will they look like in a sequence? Not the same generate a static image that build a more or less complex animation. Along with the aesthetic aspects exist that will give credibility and continuity to the sequence, so we must consider whether the application we are using is or is not valid for our purposes.
We proceed thus to encourage elementary form clouds, simply changing their position and size relative to display the effect that can be obtained.

Simple Clouds [ Blender ]

Today we reviewed an interesting work of one of my students publish later: launching a rocket to the launching of a satellite.

One of the aspects that most caught my attention was the effect of clouds that has incorporated; always learn solutions that bring their projects to generate. In this tutorial we will see a simple technique to represent clouds.