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Modifiers in Blender

set_modificadoresThe primitives are the basis of the modeling is done by manually editing vertices, edges and facets, or by applying modifiers that apply more or less complex transformations on a set of these elements.

Modifiers are operators that transform an object fit and, or, Topology, nondestructively, namely, retaining its previously defined in the application of modifier. In general what is allowed to operate on the object, preserving original state su, automatically replaces what would have to do a tedious and repetitive form.

Application of modifier

The icon representing a wrench menu select modifiers.

Screenshot 2014-04-20 to(s) 14.34.59

To apply a modifier to an object we must select the object and then, menu of modifiers is obtained by selecting the icon mentioned, select the desired modifier having the drop down window associated with this menu:


In the dropdown menu see the structured nature by modifying columns:

Modifiers available in version 2.70

Modifiers available in version 2.70

You can apply multiple modifiers to an object that will be added to a list or “Stack” Modifiers. The order in which they are in this list can change the final result, as it will go sequentially applying (orderly). The window switches will see them in the order of application (from top to bottom) along with the variables that we can use to change some properties of the modifier.


For example, if you have the basic geometry that starts with Blender, a cube as shown:


We can apply a modifier “Wireframe” which enables us to represent the edges of the object by surfaces that suit them. In the next picture we see the result without adjusting any parameter.


If instead of this switch used to refine one of subdivision surfaces modifier “Subdivision Surface” which applies the algorithm “Catmull – Clark” object, have the following representation


If we add the two switches at once, obtain two different results depending on which one is applied first.

Applying first subdivision will result:


while application of obtaining edges first we:


This can be controlled by modifying the window applied, since we can vary the application by changing the switches with arrows (up or down in the stack)


Types of modifiers

They can affect how the object is represented, topology to the same, to deformation or even convert particle generators. Depending on the type of operation, are divided into four main.

  • Modify: Affect the properties of the vertices, edges or faces, Object, but do not alter its surface from the geometrical point of view.
  • Generate: Add new geometry or affect the existing changing the overall appearance of the object.
  • Deform: Changing the shape of the surface of the object.
  • Simulate: Add simulation processes. Often generated automatically since simulations have their own control panels.

We will see in particular detail each of these modifiers on new items.

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