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How to create a 3D PDF for documentation and education

Current technology allows us to generate documents with rich content. In this case we will see how you can incorporate a 3D model to a document format “PDF”, retaining the three-dimensional model information, allowing us to change your display interactively.

Modifiers in Blender

The primitives are the basis of the modeling is done by manually editing vertices, edges and facets, or by applying modifiers that apply more or less complex transformations on a set of these elements.

Modifiers are operators that transform an object fit and, or, Topology, nondestructively, namely, retaining its previously defined in the application of modifier. In general what is allowed to operate on the object, preserving original state su, automatically replaces what would have to do a tedious and repetitive form.

Fantasma's Halloween and Blender

As the last course, we will use a topical issue to motivate our class modeled in Blender.

Leveraging traditional Halloween parties, try to modellizar a ghost.

This page will serve as a general script for practice, giving details on other pages more specific individuals to perform operations.

Encourage ambient lighting in Cycles [ Blender ]

An effect that can be interesting is to illuminate the sky changing shape to simulate a sunrise or a sunset on “time-lapse”.

Lighting variables, as well as other variables in Blender, son susceptibles de ser animadas mediante la técnica de Key frames.

3D Animation, Parámetros de la Cámara : Lens [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


When we generate an image of a scene in Blender we do using a “camera” located at our virtual space.

The parameters that can be adjusted with this virtual camera to modify its position, orientation and optical characteristics of a conventional camera classic, as the depth of field, associated optics, etc..

3D Animation, Objects: Separate vertices : Split surfaces [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Separate objects

When editing a complex surface in Blender can be neceserio that postteriormente tear it into smaller parts in order to assign materials , move etc.. The material allocation problem does not need this physical separation, since we can generate vertex groups and assign different materials to each group. First. Edit mode,… (leer más)

Camera Tracking en Blender


“Camera Tracking” is a new feature that Blender incorporates real spaces to integrate with synthetic image.

Set a series of marks on a video that the software used to calculate the position of the camera as possible to simulate the scenario.

From the position of the camera can be added synthesis objects overlap with those of the scene.

Lights and Shadows : Lamps [ Cycles ]

Luz y sombras

Lighting in Cycles is one of the aspects that differ with respect to the classical shading based on raytracing or raycast.

Point lights, contributing harsh shadows reducing the realism of the images, have given way to a model that approximates the actual light comportmiento a much more measured.

With the new model, Any object can be emissive and therefore act as a source of illumination in the scene.

Recursive Fractals: Koch Curve [JAVA]


We have seen a first program called “DrawWorld” we introduced the JAVA programming oriented graphics. This module has served on the program to see a recursive fractal primer: The triangle Sierpisnki.

Let's change this basic program to generate a new basic recursive fractal: Kuch curve.

3D Animation, Examples: Create a Snowflake [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]


Let's see how we can create a snowflake using the Blender geometry editor 2.6.

A snowflake, as we have used to create a wallpaper, is a fractal (self-similar) with six axes of symmetry. Its structure is therefore based on models which are essentially hexagonal, as shown in the attached image. Each arm hence repeated six times on each of the flakes, although there are different configurations depending on the crystallization conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Graphical Programming: Interaction : Mouse Events [JAVA]


After creating the basic graphical and animation engine, introduce the rudiments of interaction by incorporating mouse event model.

The technique will be to generate an event or happening every time you interact with the mouse. This event will be captured by one of our software modules, process it and generate some action.