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Edit a Python Script in Blender

Blender has a window to edit text that can serve as “IDE” Programming in Python, including line numbering, using colors to distinguish the syntax and the possibility of automatic autoidentación of long lines of text.

Python executable script in “Info view”

To program with Python in Blender we need to know the programming language and how to implement in your application using the corresponding libraries.

A direct way to go see the commands needed to perform any task is to create and modify objects conventionally (menus and keyboard) and see the commands used in a special window called information “Info View”.

Programming with Python in Blender

One of the more interesting capabilities of Blender is the possibility of using Python scripts that extend the functionalities of this open source animation suite.

Blender includes a version of Python in the installation of the software package, Although it is always possible to manually install a new version of Python from page official Python website.

Recursive Fractals: Koch Curve [JAVA]


We have seen a first program called “DrawWorld” we introduced the JAVA programming oriented graphics. This module has served on the program to see a recursive fractal primer: The triangle Sierpisnki.

Let's change this basic program to generate a new basic recursive fractal: Kuch curve.

Graphical Programming: Interaction : Mouse Events [JAVA]


After creating the basic graphical and animation engine, introduce the rudiments of interaction by incorporating mouse event model.

The technique will be to generate an event or happening every time you interact with the mouse. This event will be captured by one of our software modules, process it and generate some action.

Graphical Programming: Double buffering : Draw in the background [JAVA]


When creating the animation engine we have seen that the screen refresh flicker occurs undesirable. This effect is due to the time required to erase the image and generate a new updated, result of animate objects.

One technique to avoid this is called double buffering or “doublebuffered”

Graphical Programming: Animated Graphics Engine [JAVA]


After defining a first interface for drawing graphic objects in JAVA, we will implement animation graphics engine that allows us to manage the dynamics of the application and, later, add user interaction. El motor se encargará de llamar a las funciones que animan a cada uno de los objetos gráficos de la base… (leer más)

Graphical Programming: Object oriented graphics and interfaces [JAVA]


El siguiente paso en el tutorial de programación gráfica es definir un interface que será una clase JAVA que permita definir la acción de dibujar los gráficos y asignársela a los objetos, de forma que la clase encargada de pintarlos los reconozca adecuadamente.

Graphical Programming: Start building the graphics library [JAVA]


After installing the development environment (IDE) Eclipse and create a new project, hemos añadido un programa al proyecto Eclipse. El siguiente paso es empezar a estructurar la aplicación iniciando la construcción de los elementos de la biblioteca gráfica.

Graphical Programming: Add a program to an Eclipse project [JAVA]


After installing the development environment (IDE) Eclipse and create a new project, We can add our first graphical program. The first objective is to define the minimal structure needed to draw a straight line in a window, later, generate a complex structure that supports advanced graphics based on a model of object-oriented programming…. (leer más)

Recursive Fractals: Sierpinski Triangle [JAVA]


We have seen a first program called “DrawWorld” we introduced the JAVA programming oriented graphics. Veamos como modificar este programa elemental para generar un fractal recursivo básico: From Sierpinski triangle. (View as generating a recursive fractal) Es un fractal que se construye de forma recursiva a partir de un triángulo… (leer más)