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Add objects from a file [ Blender ]

In developing a project, one Blender, involving different people with different roles. Some are dedicated to creating stage, others specialize in model objects or encourage, other team members define aesthetics providing materials and textures ….

All these elements are assembled in files where we will create and solve sequences or scenes of our animation.

Graphical Programming: Animated Graphics Engine [JAVA]


After defining a first interface for drawing graphic objects in JAVA, we will implement animation graphics engine that allows us to manage the dynamics of the application and, later, add user interaction. El motor se encargará de llamar a las funciones que animan a cada uno de los objetos gráficos de la base… (leer más)

Graphical Programming: Object oriented graphics and interfaces [JAVA]


El siguiente paso en el tutorial de programación gráfica es definir un interface que será una clase JAVA que permita definir la acción de dibujar los gráficos y asignársela a los objetos, de forma que la clase encargada de pintarlos los reconozca adecuadamente.

3D Animation, Files: Change of scene objects [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

We have seen how to open new scenes (add) from a file without leaving the current session. We will now see how we can incorporate the elements of the new scenes which we. This allows multiple people to work on the same project, subsequently integrate editing objects in the same scene. Para la gestión de… (leer más)

3D Animation, Objects: Edit meshes [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

The editing in Blender allows, from the basic primitives (sphere, plane, cone…) generate complex surfaces recreate the objects we use in our animations.

The editing process is outlined in a reduced set of actions that are repeated until starting to approximate the surface to the object desired:

3D Animation, Objects: Add and edit screens [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

Un programa de modelado y edición de imagen sintética parte de un conjunto de objetos elementales denominados “graphics primitives” que mediante la edición de sus vértices, edges or faces, permite la creación de modelos con formas complejas.