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Add objects from a file [ Blender ]

append_linkIn developing a project, in Blender, involving different people with different roles. Some are dedicated to creating stage, others specialize in model objects or encourage, other team members define aesthetics providing materials and textures ….

All these elements are assembled in files where we will create and solve sequences or scenes of our animation.

Therefore need some files pass objects to other, and this we do by selecting the type of information to be transferred, between available in each case. For this, will open the target file (the scene containing the) and we will be adding items that we have developed in other files.

From the main menu select “File” and the contextual submenu that opens then see two options:

  • Link : It will link objects to our scene, but may not modify it. We'll have to do it in the linked file
  • Append: Will you use to add objects to change their shape or animation from the scene in which we insert.


After selecting the type of integration that we will (Link o Append), opens a file browser to indicate him origen (the file containing the object to insert). Select a file.


When you select the file to pass to a similar file explorer window, we will show the contents of the. We select only the geometry (Mesh) textures (Texture) o materiales (Material) …. In particular if we insert an object with all its elements have to select the folder “Object


Inside this folder you will see that next to the objects are some of those who complete the scene, as cameras and lights. We select only the desired objects to insert into our scene.


As you can see the procedure is very simple and intuitive, allowing separate objects in different files for development by several members of our artistic team.

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