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Graphic PIZiadas

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Python executable script in “Info view”

texto_en_info_viewTo program with Python in Blender we need to know the programming language and how to implement in your application using the corresponding libraries.

A direct way to go see the commands needed to perform any task is to create and modify objects conventionally (menus and keyboard) and see the commands used in a special window called information “Info View”.

Blender has a window which is van reflecting the commands that you can use in a script in python, as we perform any editing action.

To access this window, It is initially hidden, We will use the mouse. Approach to the division line between the top menu (Info) and the 3D window. We will see that the cursor changes shape and a double arrow appears.


Once we look at the changing shape of the cursor you can drag the window by pressing the left button of the same, by opening it, until the desired size.

In the image the background color has been changed to highlight this window.

open window

If we add geometry, for example a cone, using the corresponding menus …


We can see the command used by using the drop-down menu in the previous window. With this command you can make a script in Blender as we will see later.

We can copy and paste in a script text you want and then modify it to fit our needs.

To copy the text you see in the window “Info”, Click with the left button of the mouse on the command that you want to duplicate, and copy it with the classic combination of keys (for example Ctr+C in Windows) or with the right button of the mouse by selecting from the pop-up menu.

The selected line will be with a different color.


We can spread this and other windows of the main pressing to shift (Alt) and by dragging the window from right inferior brands that exist in each window.


We will apply this idea in a next script to capture scripts that we will be changing while we will introduce variables and control sentences.

Edit a Python Script in Blender

Python con Blender

Python con Blender