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Edit a Python Script in Blender

Blender has a window to edit text that can serve as “IDE” Programming in Python, including line numbering, using colors to distinguish the syntax and the possibility of automatic autoidentación of long lines of text.

Python executable script in “Info view”

To program with Python in Blender we need to know the programming language and how to implement in your application using the corresponding libraries.

A direct way to go see the commands needed to perform any task is to create and modify objects conventionally (menus and keyboard) and see the commands used in a special window called information “Info View”.

Programming with Python in Blender

One of the more interesting capabilities of Blender is the possibility of using Python scripts that extend the functionalities of this open source animation suite.

Blender includes a version of Python in the installation of the software package, Although it is always possible to manually install a new version of Python from page official Python website.