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Standardized formats for drawing

formatosSheets of paper with printers that feed, generally, having a size of 210 X 297 mm. Maybe it's something you did not know, you had not even raised. Why that particular size? Why not have done with a rounder extent such 200 x 300?

Globalization has brought the need for associated rules that standardize many aspects and everyday objects. A screw manufactured anywhere in the world can be used with a nut on the other side of the planet if they follow the same standard or equivalent.

It is called standardized format size, position and dimensions that gives the paper, become worksheet. (Formats and folded)

For paper formats so does. The standard UNE-EN ISO 5457:2000 titled “Technical product documentation. Formats and presentation of graphical elements of drawing sheets. (ISO 5457:1999)” overrides the previous A 1026-2:1983 defining the shape and size of paper formats and some containers such as envelopes or folders.

Rules for obtaining the Series A

The shape and size of a standard sheet of paper responds to Three Simple RULES:

  • Folding rule: A format is obtained by transverse fold of supervisor. Turning a leaf obtain two of the following series.
  • Rule similarity: The relationship between the sides of a format is equal to the ratio between the side of a square and the diagonal, namely “root of”
  • Reference Rule: The reference format has an area of ​​one square meter.

The following image shows the relationships graphically (similarity and reference) giving rise to the reference format.


Bending the rules allow you to get the other elements of the series A, as is readily ascertainable that are related as powers of two.

  • 2 formatos A1
  • 4 formatos A2
  • 8 formaton A3
  • …………
  • 2 N AN elevated formats (powers of two)


Auxiliary Series

There are series of, called auxiliary, that serve as containers for paper formats (envelopes and folders, for example).

Series B and C are obtained as geometric means from the series A (la B) or Series A and B (la C)

  • The Series B, are obtained as a geometric mean of two consecutive sides of the A series formats.
  • The C-series, are obtained as geometric mean of the corresponding sides of the Series A and B.

The above measures are rounded resulting in the following table summarizes the measures of different formats:

Serie A Serie B Serie C
841 x 1189
1000 x 1414
917 x 1297
594 x 841
707 x 1000
648 x 917
420 x 594
500 x 707
458 x 648
297 x 420
353 x 500
324 x 456
210 X 297
250 x 353
229 x 324
148 x 210
176 x 250
162 x 229
105 x 148
125 x 176
114 x 162
74 x 105
88 x 125
81 x 114
52 x 74
62 x 88
57 x 81
37 x 52
44 x 62
26 x 37
31 x 44

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