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Calavera de Halloween 2014 [ Wallpaper ]

Next to the feast of all saints, or the night before halloween, we surround ourselves with new ideas for decorating this holiday. El ordenador es un espacio más.

Los fondos de escritorio se redecoran estos días con diferentes iconografías que no dejan de sorprendernos por su macabro aspecto.

No podemos faltar a la cita desde este espacio gráfico, en el que cada año nos imponemos la tarea de aportar algo en formato de imagen a cada una de las citas periódicas que se acercan. Este curso volvemos al clásico recurso de los esqueletos con esta calavera.

Calabaza de Halloween 2014 : Wallpaper

Cada vez que se acercan las fechas señaladas repetimos los mismos patrones de comportamiento. En Halloween no hay excepción tampoco y nos rodeamos de imágenes fantasmagóricas que nos recuerdan que es la noche de los difuntos.

Las calabazas vaciadas e iluminadas con velas son uno de los elementos decorativos más representativos de estas fechas en determinados países.

Halloween Ghost [ Wallpaper ]

Like every year, night 31 October we celebrated a party with a unique iconography called terrifying “Halloween night”; also can call “Halloween” or “Night of the Dead”,.

The decoration of these days often take dark dye, people dress up and develop numerous themed parties. Alongside ghosts costumes, vampires, zombies etc., very often carve figures on pumpkins, illuminating from the inside to create unique shadows.

Pumpkins of my students (XIII) Challenge to the perception

In proposing the creation of a work halloween pumpkin my students never thought that he could get much juice to exercise.

Besides the interesting variety of models created to recreate the classic face, I found a perceptive curiosity led me to a detailed analysis of some aspects of the Gestalt Laws in class.

Andy House (I) [ School ]

Andy House

Another work of our students on the fifth anniversary of Android. Besides looking pairs of characters or simply mark the anniversary, started to build scenarios for the characters.

A basic environment, a room, with a window that allows us to imagine a more complex serves as the basis for making a new version of the pair of Andy

Pumpkins of my students (XI) [ Blender ]


New work from the series “halloween pumpkins” within the course of computer graphics and animation we are doing.

A late delivery even, since we revasado halloween date, serves to not be a pumpkin note, Instead of learning the basic editing techniques and lighting with the engine cycles.

Pumpkins of my students (X) [ Blender ]


By putting the title of this series of papers to create a pumpkin had a dual purpose. On the one hand, logically, the title should communicate the contents of the page but, also, wanted to send a message to my students and use it as joke in class.

“When that does not work send me Pumpkin …. I put it”.

Put a pumpkin on education has always been understood as putting a “zero”, suspense.
So, after

Android girl [ School ][ Blender ]


A new version of the pair of Andy, in this case the feminine version that refers Rubén García Jail.

Draws particular attention to the evolution of the Android Robot antennas, in this case become female hair.

To complete the transformation, from the viewpoint expressive, adds prominent lips and cheeks with rouge.

The body also has formed at the bottom, el acampanando the extreme mode falda.

Pumpkins of my students (IX) [ Blender ]


Some jobs are arriving late mail, like this pumpkin Dungeon Ruben Garcia. In any case, we add to the collection of works as each provides unique features that we can always discuss in our classes.

The lighting of the scenes of some of pumpkins gives us clues about birth control they gain, hint allowing the lines defining the outline of the figure, As seen in this work.

Another aspect are the different approaches to camera, looking stronger planes from the point of view expressive.

Pumpkins of my students (VIII) [ Blender ]


The work of creating a Halloween pumpkin served to start modeling in Blender. Later works detailing the relief to a greater extent students have higher performance in the Edition.

Some people with more experience in the area, as David Sanchez Velasco have released to liven up his work with scenario.

Here the experience is clearly a degree and had a flat environments with depth and other decorative elements that enrich the set.

Pumpkins of my students (VII) [ Blender ]


We continue to receive pictures of halloween pumpkins, como la de Ángel Luis Sanz Vilaverde, con una mezcla de sonrisa en la expresión sin ser de calabaza de humor.

The strong relief in modeling how, and the separation of the geometry on top.