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Halloween Ghost [ Wallpaper ]

ghostLike every year, night 31 October we celebrated a party with a unique iconography called terrifying “night Halloween”; also can call “Halloween” or “Night of the Dead”,.

The decoration of these days often take dark dye, people dress up and develop numerous themed parties. Alongside ghosts costumes, vampires, zombies etc., sculpting is very common figures on pumpkins, illuminating from the inside to create unique shadows.

To celebrate these days, as is customary in this and other blogs, propose different wallpapers that are adapted to the subject.

With Blender, clothing simulating, and rendered with Cycles, have modeled this halloween ghost you can download onto your computer, wallpaper format 1920 x 1080 (click on the image).


Halloween Ghost

You can see how to make a halloween ghost in Blender