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Cycles : Shaders : Variables Glass [ Blender ]

iroug_low_0001Among the "shaders" that incorporates "Cycles" in Blender have one especially suited to simulate glass and crystals, and other transparent surfaces: "Glass”.

The crystal is a medium that allows the passage of light (translucent) modifying its trajectory. It also reflects the light creating high gloss specular effects.

This shader has two basic variables to define the properties of the material:

  • IDR : Index of refraction
  • Roughness: Roughness of the surface finish

variables shader glass


Consider a couple of examples that modify only one of the variables to assess their influence on the appearance of the object to which we apply.

Click on the pictures we can see them in high resolution.


This variable governs the change of path of light passing from one medium to another. In the case of ordinary glass, has a value of 1,52..




In this case the variable controls the smoothness of the surface. A low value corresponds to a polished surface, while a high value (1) represents a rough or frosted.




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