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Graphic PIZiadas

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Producción de un muñeco de vinilo (Process of making vinyl toys) [ Timelapse ]

El proceso de diseño y fabricación de un muñeco implica a artistas diseñadores y técnicos de producción. Es un trabajo con etapas muy definidas en las que pasamos de la mente del creativo a las manos del niño.

En el siguiente video acelerado, lo que conocemos como “Timelapse”, podemos ver estas etapas en apenas 2 minutes. Una secuencia que describe visualmente las diferentes fases, permitiendo entender su complejidad:

Europe 24 : Viewing 24 European air traffic hours

You know how many aircraft ply European airspace on any given day of summer?
What are the main points of departure and arrival of these 30.000 aircraft?
The importance of communication and trade between countries can be glimpsed in this fascinating simulation created from actual radar data, in which the movements of the aircraft are displayed accelerated 1440 times.

Slow Motion recopilación

Would you like to stop the time to observe in detail a singular phenomenon? An explosion, a fall, breaking objects … are just some situations that may be of a different form by applying techniques known “slow motion”. The effect is the opposite of the sequences “Time lapse”.

All Alone in the Night – Time-lapse sequences of the Earth from the International Space Station

An interesting time-lapse made with images captured on the space station (ISS) which shows a planet dotted with lights in a night vision the same.
One of those jobs that can be seen over and over again and not lose interest.

The final sequences with the Northern Lights are beautiful.