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Agent 327: Operation Barbershop [Blender]

Occasionally I like to add a short animation to blog. It is part of the world “image” motivates its existence: between playfulness and knowledge. Many of these shorts also have an underlying message that makes them relevant for themselves.

The development of the synthetic image also has its place. Each short brings on many occasions innovative techniques that add to existing.

In this case instead of a short what we have is a “teaser”, a small delivery whose sole purpose is to promote a product that is still in an early stage of production.

Agent 327 It is based on a work of Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk's, a classic comic called with the same name: Super agent 327 (W).

Caminandes 3: Llamigos

The Serie “Caminandes” made with animation suite “Blender” It presents its third episode entitled “Llamigos”.

Hand of its director Pablo Vazquez, Koro flame in Patagonia faces a new adventure, as usual, eat something tasty.

A Boy and His Kite: An Animated Short [NVIDIA]

NVidia is known for making graphics cards of high performance allowing us increasingly surprising imagery in real time.

Looking for information on what's new in the series “GeForce” I have encountered a demo that shows what you can do card “Titan X” with their 3072 cores and 12 GB framebuffer.

Cosmos Laundromat [Blender] [Video]

Blender pulse can be taken with the animation projects around you. Thank you to develop new tools that are necessary in their development and who end up joining in this popular suite of animation. A new project “open” in which anyone interested can get involved is the “Project Gooseberry” You can see on the web pages of Cosmos Laundromat

Abiogenesis (Short Film) de Richard Mans

The “Abiogenesis” It is considered a natural process of generation of life from inorganic compounds present in nature.

Richard Mans presents his personal interpretation of this concept in his work “Abiogenesis”. A short of great thematic depth and a special beauty that make it worthy of our praise.

11 Paper Place [ Blender ]

Cualquier rincón de nuestro entorno puede servir para crear una bella historia de amor. Cualquier objeto, con un toque de magia puede humanizarse y expresar los mundos interiores de sus creadores.
Las escuelas de arte son cada vez más prolijas en jóvenes talentos a los que sólo hay que darles un pequeño soporte técnico, un poco de dirección artística y un voto de confianza. Los resultados se pueden ver en sus trabajos.
Daniel Houghton dirije en el Middlebury College a un equipo de alumnos con los que, en un año, ha creado este bello corto de animación realizado íntegramente en Blender.

Modelado e iluminación para un mundo de texturas monocolor. Un interesante experimento de animación.

Thought of you : Ryan Woodward

Ryan Woodward es un artista del mundo de la animación, cuyo trabajo se basa en elegantes dibujos de trazos muy básicos.
El mundo del comic con su singular estética forma parte de su entorno profesional, en el que ha desempeñado diferentes facetas que le dan una sólida formación,
Su curriculum, lleno de actividad y de valiosos ejemplos de su trabajo se puede ver en sus páginas web.

What if the moon was a disco ball?

What if the moon mirrored recubriéramos like a giant disco ball? How would it affect the lighting of the earth? What would a moonset?

These questions have led to the realization of this computer animation, pretending that our satellite is covered with 3012 mirrors an area ranging between 100 and 150 square kilometers, with a refractive index (IOR) of 1,56.

Hand of nefertiti [ Animation ]

Guillermo Garcia presented the short film Carsiel “The Hand of Nefertiti” as an appetizer to the hit movie “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”, in which two of the characters are entangled in a hilarious sequence worthy of silent films .

Video Editing : Transitions “Wipe” [Blender]

We have seen how we can “Generate and edit videos with Blender” passing the process of obtaining images (Render) video editing of the same. This editing process will be described at a basic level, focusing on the production of a video from a global perspective.
Descend to some details in new entries to understand fully the possibilities of incorporating video Editos Blender. En particular, in this, see block transitions we can add effects by type “Wipe”.

Changes [Animation][Video]

The masterpieces convey messages and emotions with an inspiring simplicity. Last through the years without losing its magic, maintaining the elegance and style that have given them their creators. They use natural techniques integrating visual and auditory elements that relate to the viewer communicating your message.
The work that I present on this page, “Changes”, makes a deeply important social critique of our approach to our life. With a minimalist style in visual form and social content of the message, the best style “comics” of the 60-70, our parody “modus vivendi”
Daniel Martinez Lara & The PC party made this co-production inspired by comic strips Quino 2006.