Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

What if the moon was a disco ball?

tierra_luna_bola_discotecaWhat if the moon mirrored recubriéramos like a giant disco ball?

How would it affect the lighting of the earth?

What would a moonset?

These questions have led to the realization of this computer animation, pretending that our satellite is covered with 3012 mirrors an area ranging between 100 and 150 square kilometers, with a refractive index (IOR) of 1,56.

When as near as the ISS, the Earth surface to disco-ball-moon surface distance is 420 km or so The orbital period in relation to the earth is realistic, about a 2.1 hour period.

Bringing the moon? Into a new orbit? Is the place at position corresponding to the space station (ISS) ?. Simulation allows a curious scenario imagine an interesting artistic beauty. Do not miss.

What if the Moon was a Disco Ball?

Author : VSauce (TWITTER)