Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Screenshot 2014-01-23 to(s) 01.10.28After the introductory course to Blender animation synthesis we have done in the first quarter, of a 25 hours, my students begin to finish their coursework.

Some of these works, addition to the technical quality of their models and animations, have an issue that we were pleasantly surprised by its plasticity and good work.

Alberto García Alcázar This video has been made entirely with Blender, editing it with sound effects that help to strengthen each of the scenes.

Notably, among other aspects of work, systems using particles to simulate exhaust at takeoff, As seen in this interesting plane that element near the viewer (tree branch) accentuates the effect of depth.


Another detail of interest is the solution that has been devised for incorporate clouds in their sequences, applying them with a mastery of global scene illumination. The following image shows another successful framing of the scenes of this work.


Latest sequences show transporting deploying a satellite into an orbit of planet Earth. Again good use of light, with strong shadows provide high credibility to scenes, you will end up rounding using effects such as “Halo” Sun.

efecto halo

Chapter modeling and texturing of objects was carried corrrectamente, thanks to the successful approach to work: irrelevant simplifying and enhancing those aspects that display for requesting. The background textures were used to identify the scenarios of the sequence.


A great job that allows us to see the degree of involvement of our students when they find creative spaces and are motivated.

Alberto Congratulations for this great video that you share with us.

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