Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Physics : Dynamic paint : Introduction [ Blender ]

dynamic paintDynamic paint” is a feature introduced in Blender since version 2.61. Lets use an object as canvas (“Canvas”) and another as brush (“Brush”) and dynamically, through contact with the painting brush, “paint” textures that can be used as weight maps for different purposes.

These maps can be used to simulate dusty areas we can clean, grass fields we can cut (by the). condensation on windows in which to fingerpaint etc..

Another use may be to generate or manipulate deformation effects animation of objects, as you can see in the animated gif that accompanies this presentation tool.

To enable this functionality you need two objects. One act as “Canvas” and the second as “Brush”. Will access the menu from button “Physics”

Accederemos a Dynamic paint desde el menú Physics

Dynamic paint will access from the Physics menu

Select the object and indicate their function (“Diggings” or “Brush”) and then add that functionality with button “Add …”

Seleccionaremos la función del objeto

We will select the function of the object

Adjust the desired parameters. In particular to the “Canvas” indicate the type of effect to generate “Dynamic paint advanced”.

Tipo de efecto

Type of effect

En particular, to generate the animated GIF we chose “Wave”.

Seleccionaremos el efecto que deseamos obtener

We will select the effect you wish to obtain

We will see in detail the use of this tool in future tutorials

Dynamic paint : Wave

Dynamic paint : Wave