Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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The Thing monsters : Music video made with Blender

La cosa MonstraThe music video production can be enhanced with the use of tools for producing image synthesis, as is the case of this “phantasmagoric” Mexican group video of it “The monster thing”.
Un vídeo ideal para las fechas de halloween 😉 en las que todos los muertos podrán asistir a este concierto monstruoso.

Do not miss !

The band wanted to have a video read for the Dia de los muertos, fortunately we had the option to produce it very fast with few resources: A Nikon D800 camera, Blender and Fusion. Another studio produced the 2D parts. Felipe (Blender Nation)


The Thing monsters – Werewolf in Coyoacan from felipeesquivel on Vimeo.


Musical video for the Mexican “terrock” The band thing monsters.

Music video of the Mexican band “terrock” The thing monsters.

Director: Felipe Esquivel
Music: The thing monsters
Animation: Chaman Animation Studio & Plate B Studio.
Year: 2013