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History of animation: Cartoon Masks [II]

FelixWe have already commented that television commercials, programs input masks and, generally, sequences of short duration, can convey a message very compact thanks to a careful visual design process, in which communication resources are exploited in a special way.

The entrance of the cartoon masks they have been our teachers in the learning process of the audiovisual language, being that we have introduced in are technical presentation of a complete story in a short space of time, usually describing the characters of one of our favorite series.

To understand the evolution of this art, It is required to refer to one of the first characters of animation of the silent film era: Felix the cat

Felix was the first character from animation to reach a level of popularity so great as to attract viewers with the single claim of his appearance in a movie.(W)

From 1953 This popular character began airing on television of United States

We can see the important contrast to the version of 1995 which uses the “modern techniques” (of the time) 3D animation to create the input mask. Each new season, in many series, it comes accompanied by more or less important changes in input masks and output of its episodes.

Another famous and likeable character is “The Pink Panther” (Pink Panther). Your input mask, the Decade of lossesenta, Enter the mix of real image and animated drawing, as well as the partition screen blending multiple images. A landmark of the time.

High Quality version of the opening sequence from the 1960's The Pink Panther Show… This has been ripped from my personal collection, no infringement intended, just wanted to share a better quality version!

A more modern version of this popular animated series, for the season of 1993 It allows us to see the impressive evolution of it. The character has evolved enough to be the center of the sequence showing a care audiovisual language and the chaining of different scenes creating a “short” with its own identity.

We will use this evolutionary concept of graphic language in our classes as an engine of learning, evolving and contrasting the creative works to learn of the changes that we will be introducing in them. A critical way to observe our evolution.