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History of animation: Cartoon Masks

The visual language has evolved since its birth. A ellipsis (way to indicate that time has passed narrative) is watching a clock built using a cast time changed (showing the time interval) or by a calendar sheets ... ; the same visual message is currently done in different ways, much more elaborate, that had not been understood for years.

In the world of animation has also evolved. The current image synthesis can be considered part of that evolution has been enriched by an impressive array of new possibilities thanks to the tools available.

Television commercials, input masks programs, sequences generally of short duration, can convey a message very compact thanks to a careful visual design process, in which communication resources are exploited in a special way.

Como ejemplo, we can see the input and output masks a classic drawings by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, two of the most important producers of the initiation of cartoons.

The video features three cuts:

  • Careta de entrada of 30 seconds long with the presentation of the characters with their music; the main part of the personality of the main actor is the main argument string guide highlights. The main character is center stage and presents its main friend; its enormous mouth (a particular physical trait) It highlighted in the scene.
  • Output Mask lasting 60 seconds to mark the end of an animated film or episode; the character says goodbye with sadness about leaving the child viewer, yet alive with joy and some gag the end, prolonging the episode and leaving a good impression; in this farewell and gags involving the other character's friends (secondary actors have been lifted or not the episode).
  • Gas credit lasting 20 seconds overlap placards, with images that must represent the whole episode, bisecting sequences similar lengths (10 seconds): the first input sequence with the protagonist and a close differentiator.

The color version was shown later

This scheme and other more or less similar, have carefully designed; They will be used to reinforce the image of the character and his detailed study can contribute ideas for the construction of educational work. Each of the sequences, its duration, the used planes, chaining etc can be a work of reduced duration but deep content.

I encourage you to use these models in your training and to apply them to work. And if you want a nice selection to start right now, Here is one that I find it next to be part of them that they saw in my childhood: This is a time machine.

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