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Graphic PIZiadas

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Blender as an educational tool : FLAME

Screenshot 2013-11-02 to(s) 11.06.19Tool applications typically exceed the limits for which they were originally conceived.

Blender is designed for computer animation how to make majors: Pixar, Disney …

Sin embargo, motivated use hands we are showing lines of application that can be handled individually. One of them is presented below: Use as a tool to create an educational presentations, in particular to illustrate visually appealing logic of an algorithm. An alternative to the classic power-point presentations used in our adds 3D capabilities and programming in Python.

Max Schwenzer is a German student made a stay (Erasmus) in Spain during the course 2012-2013. He attended my introductory classes Blender doing a great job with your videoSaturn V. This course, while performing his final project Blender was used to support his defense. The result you can see below.

Course work 2012

This video explains the functional principle of the unsupervised learning algorithm FLAME. It is short for Fuzzy clustering by Local Approximation of Membership

(He was & Doctor | 2007 |

Max Schwenzer created this animation with blender ( as part of his Bachelor’s Thesis “Advanced Flight Data Analysis: a study on Machine Learning Algorithms” (Technical University of Munich (TUM) | Institute of Flight System Dynamics (FSD) | 2013). The FLAME algorithm was there used to classify flight data.

FLAME – an unsupervised learning algorithm from M on Vimeo.


We hope you continue to make your work, high quality always.