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Graphic PIZiadas

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Diédrico System: Projection of points in the plane

Can you get from a projection of a belonging to a flat point another projection on the plane dihedral to the full? For example, If give us the horizontal projection and vertical of a plane and a point in the latter as determinaríamos the projection on the horizontal plane?

Diédrico System: Projection of the plane

A plane is determined by three unaligned points, so adding a new point to a straight line projections can define it. In this case we will give at least two related dimensions on each plane of projection in order to become independent projections of these plans support of representation. We will learn to represent maps and items belonging to them.

3D Animation, Objects: Selecting edition [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

The editing process of a virtual surface composed of a grid of points can be understood as a repetitive cycle of two operations: Select items to transform and apply a transform that modifies its position or appearance. In particular the process of selecting vertices also has particular utility for modifying their textures, controlar… (leer más)