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Graphic PIZiadas

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Zaha Hadid y el deconstructivism

Zaha-HadidZaha Hadid is an architect, contemporary designer and developer who designs innovative shapes evoking fantasy worlds brimming future.

On Zaha Hadid websites we can see an impressive display of his ideation, that moves at the limits of deconstruction. Sinuous curves that convey a different organic feeling in these disciplines.

Zaha Hadid (Arabic: Zaha Hadid) (Baghdad; 31 October of 1950 – ) is a prominent architect angloIraqi, Stream from deconstructivism. Despite being of Iraqi nationality, most of his life has been spent in London, which houses his architectural. The architectural work of Zaha Hadid has been recognized on several occasions with international awards including the range Premio Pritzker, case of the first woman to get this award.(W)


Belu Bench

The deconstructivism, also called deconstruction, a movement architectural At the end of that nation early 1980. Characterized by fragmentation, the nonlinear design process, interest in the manipulation of ideas and surface structures, ostensibly, the in Euclidean geometry,1 (for example, forms no rectilinear) which serve to distort and dislocate some of the basic principles of architecture as the structure and the building envelope. (W)

Guangzhou Opera House © Zaha Hadid Architects


Guangzhou Opera House © Zaha Hadid Architects from Zaha Hadid Architects on Vimeo.

Zaha Hadid geometric Fantasy