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A little over three years ago I started my first blog.

Welcomed me into laquellos Bitá first steps, me into this world of “blogs” in which, as I wrote in the first entry, “The beginnings are never easy”.

Impostor in first post, of a Sunday, 27 September 2009, hardly knew what was published in this medium. What I cared about was getting a few lines, without image support, could enter and reach that page to see the light.

WPTouch: Plugin for mobile versions of WordPress blogs


When designing our blog we should be aware that our visitors can use mobile devices with limited experience on desktops. El ancho de banda necesario para las imágenes puede suponer un obstáculo a la hora de navegar fluidamente desde estos dispositivos cada vez mas usados. Las aplicaciones educativas… (leer más)

San Auto Thumbs : Visual Plugin for WordPress

I always like to include a first image entries that describe the content of the same, also define as “Featured image” in editing the post with WordPress. Esters of I facility Imagen de forma en el Lado preferente izqierdo, en the Primera Linea de texto, I rve y para of al introducción post. La plantilla (tema)… (leer más)