Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Short animation

cortos de animaciónIn my regular classes I use resources available in the network. At the Polytechnic University of Madrid computing platform that houses the courses is Moodle. This platform has the disadvantage of being closed for people who are not registered in the courses, as it is for internal use.

The universalization of knowledge is to allow free access to content and the blog can be used as a showcase for this purpose, either as a means of publishing content themselves or simply as a tool to link multiple thematic content of interest every day browsing with search engines meeting.

One of the pages of the lock which provides links of interest, is the one that collects the short or animation work we use to analyze techniques for classroom use “Animation for ordenador

In This page displays a collection of videos on animation published in any of the blog articles. The vast majority are works of 3D image synthesis, added although studies on the history of the principles from the first animation cartoons.

A careful selection to enjoy this magical world.

Link to the page Short animation

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