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History of Graffiti [ School ]

Laberinto del anguloThe group “El Laberinto dl Corner” left us an interesting article on the origins of urban art: the graffiti.

A article very visual highlighting the expressive human need, in a society increasingly impersonal.

A form of artistic differentiation provides new ways of representing ideas. A topic of interest to our young students.


History of Graffiti

Graffiti is called artistic moviminento that originated in the twentieth century in New York.
It is recognized as a subcategory of Painting.
Also part of the basic elements of the culture of Hip Hop.Tiene its origins in ancient Rome, where the custom of writing on walls was widespread along with a wide range of
cartoons in caves or ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Up, the court of the house of the Faun; below, the Villa of the Mysteries. To the right atrium of the villa Vettii.
Set of wall paintings of Classical Antiquity.

pompeya Fresh from a brothel in Pompeii.

The evolution of this movement during the Contemporary Age, Modern and generally up to our days, is characterized by creating own styles. The most current are called 3D Graffiti.

Acontinuación show a sequence of images showing the evolution, graffiti from the early twentieth century, through “The Pioneer Era” (1971-1975), Graffiti up the highlights of the XXI century:

Graffiti de Mítico “Kilroy” during World War II.

At the end of the 70 incorporate the graffiti cartoons.


London Graffiti Hip Hop in the early 80.

Reserved for legal graffiti at the Universal Forum of Cultures Space, Barcelona, 2004

Graffiti en 3D

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