Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Blog Header

caretaThe blog header is a visual element that should reflect much of his personality.

Integrates with colors defined for the topic set, harmoniously, conjoined.

In general all items that we use on a blog have the ability to customize the header that comes by default in the same. We will build an image in long format, whose dimensions depend on each topic. For example in this they are 960 x 200 points.



I like to change from time to time the header. Enter a certain amount of novelty in the blog. This change should retain some elements that maintain the continuity of basic design:

Cabecera original de PIZiadas

Original cabecera of PIZiadas

In this case the first three letters are defined in case, also, Blog to be a synthetic image (digital) I use the three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) as referrer element.

Sometimes they may disappear header elements. For example, coincidiendo con halloween, in this last header in which the basic colors are not because the subject is associated with the night.


Logo PIZiadas halloween

Some elements of the header can vary the texture while maintaining its form, maintaining the shape or color. We must preserve basic references that make us feel the essence of our head, and in the latter which is designed to illustrate the article, in which the font has changed, the texture of the balls, the decorated background …. but have retained the three reference colors.



There are many times when we can change the header: coinciding with seasonal changes, onomastic, festivals or social events. Today the change so that my students see…. continues to be a major cause.

Do you do you usually change the header of your blog?