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Modifiers : Booleans in Blender 2.6

Operaciones booleanasThe new versions of Blender have changed the way of defining the Boolean operations saw to make a nut in version 2.49.

This form of modeling, based on three basic operations with volumes topological, is now under the concept of “modifiers”.

Boolean operations are three:

  • Add the sumar of volúmenes
  • Subtract between volumes (deduct)
  • Intersect or determine the common.

First select one of the objects that we want to apply the Boolean operation.

Operaciones booleanas

We will use our case study on a sphere and a cube as examples.

We will enter the window that allows us to add modifiers to the menu “Object modifiers“.

The first and last (Boolean operation) are independent of the first selected object.

It's the same sum to B to add B to A. Analogously occurs at the time of obtaining the intersection of two bodies.

But to subtract or remove a volume part is determining if the object you select first.

menu Object modifiers

menu Object modifiers

Modoficador indicate the type we want to add:

add modifier

add modifier

Modifier “Boolean” column is “Generate”. Automatically displays a new tab in which you can adjust the settings change.

Pestaña modificación operación booleana

ABA modification Boolean operation

In the window “Object” we can select the second object required to perform the Boolean operation. If we select with the mouse on this window will open a menu with the objects in the scene that we can use Boolean operation.

Indicar el segundo objeto

Enter the second object

The last step is to select the Boolean operation between the three available.

Seleccionar la operación booleana

Select the Boolean operation

The results can be seen in the following images:



Common part

Parte común

Common part

In this case, as we discussed, the result depends on the order established for the elements.


To subtract the cube sphere


When we subtract the sphere cube

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