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Graphic PIZiadas

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PIZiadas: Premiering input mask

You have finished the rendering of my new input mask, as a child with new shoes, feel the need to show off. Now he will chair the new animated works and tutorials in Blender that I am preparing. The audio track is not finished, but … the public. Don't feel you have… (leer más)

Las Fallas, SGAE and our mourning

By the mid-eighteenth century, failures were a simple celebration included in the program of events typical of the feast of St. Joseph (19 March). As day 18 in some urban routes appeared rompers hung in the middle of the street from window to window, or small platforms placed next to the… (leer más)

PIZiadas in Oils: Dove


A composite image of a dove overlaid with a man in a wooded background. It is part of an exhibition I did in Madrid abstract, into a modern gallery in the Plaza Mayor, five years ago.

A message of peace and humanity mixed with nature.

A white dove represents purity of thought.

Raytracing : How much does a 3D image?

The image synthesis animation used in movies is expensive to produce. Once created a three-dimensional scene, and the corresponding scene, is necessary to make the process of image generation, is known under the name of “rendering”. Ver Rendering o Renderización (Wikipedia) To render a final image, are usually performed crowd… (leer más)

PIZ : Character Modeling Process (II)

In the previous post we defined the relevant aspects of “Conceptual Design” Our friend PIZ, deepening fundamentally in their conception or structural design. In this new installment outlined aspects which are conforming our character, a partir de una geometría simple. ¿Has empezado el tuyo? Nuestro objetivo es enlazar la concepción artística con la… (leer más)

PIZ : Character Modeling Process

The creation process must balance creativity and implementation techniques. Allows free conception of the universe and, simultaneously, demands a pragmatic realization for their realization in the real world. PIZ El diseño de un personaje incluye detallados análisis de sus aspectos principales: Aesthetic characteristics, with the conceptual form, el color y las… (leer más)

PIZ and hair

You know that I have a weakness for geometry, drawing, painting, Photo and everything that has to do with the image. Even the character who sneaks into my blogs has soul of artist, is a pencil. The other day I left a video of their first concert, and between the warm comments… (leer más)