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Raytracing : How much does a 3D image?

The image synthesis animation used in movies is expensive to produce. Once created a three-dimensional scene, and the corresponding scene, is necessary to make the process of image generation, is known under the name of “rendering”.

Ver Rendering o Rendering (Wikipedia)

To render a final image, are often conducted preliminary tests with many lower quality and resolution and to adjust lighting parameters required, shades, glitter, textures….

The completion of each image or frame of film can be an expensive process in computer calculation hours.

Each second of animation is created with 25 images projected sequentially.

A production 100 minutes synthetic animation needs thereby:

100 minutes * 60 seconds * 25 images = 150.000 imagery.

In some cases, a simple frame can take several hours of calculation; is necessary to have a large number of computers, and related applications, for this massive task, pre-editing and film.

The price of production may fire incorrectly defined the relevant parameters and therefore it is necessary to make the rendering of some sequences.

An example of intermediate images, with corresponding rendering time, is a good example graph illustrating these ideas.

From a model that simply generate the corresponding scene with face culling, obtain a first viewing the scene.

1 second

If you add shadows, significantly increases the time required for the calculation.

26 seconds

The use of transparencies again substantially increase Recalculation needs.

2 minutes 53 seconds
5 minutes 5 seconds

Last, increased the complexity by adding textures

6 minutes 11 seconds

And a little video with the same sequence twice rendered. One hour against 14 calculation hours.

Can you think what it is worth (time) then a 3D image? And a full movie?


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