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3D Animation and Character Animation Software: Blender

Until recently edited a short 3D animation was something that was only available to large industries of animation. Currently available domestically in sufficient processing capacity to make small animations author.

A GNU tool which allows 3D animation is “Blender”, a full suite of content creation of synthetic. Its website describes this with a blunt phrase:

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

Screenshot of Blender a banner

To install you need to install Blender Python. a programming language that uses Blender. The application installer informed of these aspects and, if required, facilitates the process of finding the right version.

Managing the implementation requires a training process that is facilitated through tutorials and videos that are available on the official website.

In parallel there third-party add new features that add to this suite.

Although the initial appearance of the application may seem a bit dry, structuring and functionality make it a recommended tool for creating any level of demand.

The capabilities of this tool you can guess from the work done with it. A good example is the following video in which the logo is formed Blender with dominoes. The main interest lies in the software that incorporates physical, that generates the movement of the tabs automatically, simplifying complex editing animation.

Calculation capabilities allow even work with the fluid simulation elements that interfere with his career.

Complicating the scenario a bit and adding a camera move an intuitive approach the limits of calculation is obtained.

And a final complex example that have been applied to the environment textures and transparencies to simulate the fluid.

If you want something more simple and fun, You can also do. An animation with just a few scenes and characters can become resultona.

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Examples using synthetic image

Internet offers interesting and elaborate examples of using synthetic image. Below are some selected works of interest, for observing environmental wealth.

Blender Tutorial