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3D Animation, Files: Save the scene [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

When we spent several hours preparing a model usually stored in files with the same backup in case the program “hangs” leaving for work or just to continue the work later and archive different versions.

We've all lost data at some point and have had to rework the overhead that entails. A policy of performing backups minimizes these risks.

?How a file is saved with our models?

It seems a question of quick response; virtually all computer programs have a similar methodology to perform this operation, although each brings its own characteristics.

The navigation process, selection and confirmation of operation may differ in each program or software application.

In blender are a couple of details that, if we do not look at them, can cause us trouble for the loss of information that may lead to save work properly. Interestingly this archive process creates doubts at first, and this was the reason that justifies this explanation.

Let's see how to make this simple but crucial task.

The main menu bar, located at the top of the window blender, contains a menu entry “File” allowing access to the process “bran” Model.

By selecting on “File” accede to a new set of options in a new window, some can be accessed directly using the keyboard. En particular, use options “Save” and “Save As” in the first case to overwrite the file with the current state of blender scenario, or to generate a new file with a different name.

To record a new file can press F2, while overwriting the current file is done with the key combination Ctrl + in.

If we decide to overwrite the current file it, Ctrl + in, have to confirm the operation in a new window that displays: “Save over“.

Use the mouse to confirm this operation by pressing the left mouse button, with the cursor on the file name. We can interpret it as a selection, with only one option,

If we leave the window at some point, but it disappears will not have saved your work. This detail are sometimes difficult to perceive.

The confirmation process is not under a classic appeal with a button. Can this be the most confusing aspect of this process? Although it may seem trivial, so it seemed to me in my experience with the software.

When the option is selected “Save“, or is pressed F2, to generate a new file, we are presented with a dialog or window navigation designed to facilitate the search for the location of the files and to define its name.

The different icons displayed on the top have visual type functions, determining how the data is presented.

You can switch to a mode “Full Screen” maximizing the file selection window.

We can change the sort order of the files, alphabetically, by size …

To navigate the directory tree button “P” us up to the previous directory we are. Automatically list of files and directories displayed in the window will refresh.

The below the previous control to select the directory from a set of them as the program detects recent or most popular.

It also allows access to different unit system disks directly.

Once the directory and name of the system determined is necessary to confirm the archived file. If the confirmation is not done no information will be saved.

This button will confirm the file operation. Again we can interpret to enter the file name that the process has been completed. This power can be induced to leave this window without having to cancel or validate operation. Not required to terminate or cancel the operation and it can be assumed to reach completion with the choice of file name.

It may be interesting to conduct some preliminary tests with a sample file, to avoid mistakes later with more elaborate work.

Tutorial made for version 2.49b

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