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Graphic PIZiadas

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Paco Rodriguez and Juan Lara (Filmax the Bren) "Perez, The mouse of your dreams"

A year ago I had the opportunity to attend a seminar in URJC about the process of creating an animated film.

Paco Rodriguez and Juan Lara Filmax Bren, participants in the film “Pérez, The mouse of your dreams” told us the costly process from idea to production.

At this conference the process of creating an animated film from design was addressed to the rendering process.

Lara we outlined the different facets of design from a technical point of view while Rodriguez dissects aspects of production.

The process can take 10 months of work, since beginning to define the first "StoryBoard" from a screenplay, initial designs that evolve according to the different contributions in the design cycle, and budget and performance time available to limit the complexity of the models.

In the case of "Tooth Fairy" is added complexity of integration between the real image and the synthetic, for which funds "chroma" and fine control of the "camera tracking" are used.

Different phases analyzed from a technical perspective its:

  • MODELING: In the models that reuse saves the project. Modification of facial expressions is a task to highlight at this stage.
  • CHARACTER SETUP: The provision of the characters movement and crowd management requires specific software tools.
  • LAYAOUT: Lighting, management of camera movement and different scales endow funds unity to integrating different images.
  • ANIMATION: The correct integration with the human characters and realistic movement facilitate the interpretation of the content giving credibility.
  • EFFECTS FX: The effects of hair, grass or complex systems can be specifically addressed in order to optimize the rendering process.
  • LIGHTING AND SHADING: It brings the atmosphere of the scenes. The replica of real objects and integration with natural images adds additional difficulties. Multitudes treatment slows or objects complex calculation process.
  • RENDER PRELIMINARY AND COMPOSITION: Quality control to deal with complex objects is essential to prevent software errors. The tweaks are made on the "Pre-Release" film "frame by frame".

From the point of view of production affects the following:

  • PROJECTS: Both Propios as ajenos, considered:
  1. The idea.
  2. Concept
  3. History
  4. The script
  • CHARACTERS AND DECORATED:Their number directly affects the final cost. The characters are endowed with a personality that affects the technical aspects in turn. The "model sheets" define construction, with defining different poses and expressions and views "Turn around", adding aspects such as vocalization (Lipsinch)
  • DECORADOS: The different alternatives (2D, 3D, Models) offer various solutions that can be conjugated.
  • STORY BOARD: Plastic translation of written script is based on a set of vignettes that express the different sequences, allowing communication of ideas and the "pre-planning" work or "ANIMATIC", preceding the PRE with recording vocals.

Other aspects such as "staging" or LAYOUTS deals with settings like frame, composition etc ... complement a wide range of activities in which the color studies (ART CONCEPT) define the final aesthetic.

As you can guess, It is a costly process filled with relevant aspects that must be considered with great care to obtain a quality product.

The result can be seen in the official trailer of the film or, best, in movies.

Official Website (film “Pérez, The mouse of your dreams”, image is screen clipping of this page)
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