Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Save windows with views [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

After create windows with different views, We can save the workspace we have set for later use.

Let's review some of what previously seen to set a workspace

We have seen in the windows interface that split the display space, We can move the cursor to the top of the window and press the right mouse button.

A pop-up menu offers the possibility to perform this operation.

Below the menu “View” We can select the view you want to have in the window.

After setting up our windows, We can save this new distribution for other occasions. At the top we found the blender main menu. Our exercise is “create and save” a new configuration-

In the drop-down, clicking on the arrows “SR” select “ADD NEW”, that we will display a new dialog box.

After generate windows can associate different tasks at the same. For this, select the corresponding function by changing the icon is seen in the lower left corner of each window:

The generated 3D views or windows are “3D View”, if we select the mouse icon activities shown us that Blender offers us and that will be discussed later.

I leave a video example of the complete sequence. It is important to set the windows to suit each specific task, simplifying our work.

Tutorial made for version 2.49b

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